19 Temmuz 2024, Cuma

Comprehensive supplementary health insurance services from Türk Telekom Vakfı

semsiyeFounded and operating by Türk Telekom, Türk Telekom Sağlık ve Sosyal Yardım Vakfı, provides comprehensive, supplementary health insurance services to the members and their families. The members and their families of Türk Telekom Sağlık ve Sosyal Yardım Vakfı, benefit from not only the general health services but in a wide range of health and treatment services that are excluded by many insurance companies.224 hospital and medical centers

Türk Telekom Sağlık ve Sosyal Yardım Vakfı, comprised of 67 thousand 500 total members with 27 thousand 500 associate member and 40 thousand family members, provides health services. Türk Telekom Sağlık ve Yardım Vakfı, currently, has an agreement with 224 hospitals and medical centers from which the members profit without paying the difference, 60 hospitals and medical centers, 186 dentists, 182 opticians, laboratory and monitoring center from which the members profit by paying the difference just over the amount of the payment that Türk Telekom Vakfı has paid.

“We aim to serve in a people-oriented perception”

As stating that there is no other institution yet providing comprehensive supplementary health insurance services as Türk Telekom Vakfı, Türk Telekom Human Resources, Support and Regulation President, Şükrü Kutlu, said, “We, as Türk Telekom executive team, are considering very important to establish a modern and institutional organization which supports people in their hard times and ease theirs’ distress. In this context, Türk Telekom Vakfı provides its members to benefit from health services without considering their economic situation. We, as Türk Telekom Vakfı, aim to serve in a people-oriented perception.”


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