17 Haziran 2024, Pazartesi

Can Akın Çağlar became new General Manager of Eureko Sigorta

Can Akin CaglarCan Akın Çağlar will take office as of May 1, 2014 at Eureko Sigorta.
International Insurance Group Achmea which is based in Netherlands has appointed Can Akın Çağlar as General Manager of Achmea’s Turkey associate Eureko Sigorta. Can Akın Çağlar will replace with Okan Utkueri who had carried out this post more than seven years.

Taking that General Manager task of Ziraat Bankası from 2003 to 2011 Can Akın Çağlar was serving as a member of the directors in Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) since 2011.  Can Akın Çağlar will preside to Eureko Sigorta’s executive team and he will manage to bancassurance relations between Garanti Bankası and Eureko Sigorta.

Bringing Can Akın Çağlar to head of Eureko Sigorta, Achmea aims that develop Eureko Sigorta and maintain existing connections in the long term with Garanti Bankası. Achmea believes in that Can Akın Çağlar is the right person for this post with his experiences and confident of in his career.

Stating that after working at public service he didn’t want work independent from finance sector Can Akın Çağlar said: “ Thank you  to Achmea for showing me its confidence to me by assigning me as General Manager of Eureko Sigorta. I believe in that I will take Eureko further away and bring it a fresh perspective with my experience.”

Indicating that he has pleasured from accepting the post of Can Akın Çağlar, Chairman of Achmea Willem van Duin said: “ He is very successful and he will add value to our international operations with his broad and deep experiences.”


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