20 Mayıs 2024, Pazartesi

Axa Research Fund will support 38 more scientific research

axaFounded by Axa Group for supporting scientific research Axa Research Fund supports 38 more scientific research within the scope of understanding and reducing risk aims. Furthermore Turkey is between the studies of the Fund’s in 2013 as 2012.

Axa Research Fund has provided 114 million Euro economic support in 30 countries, 227 academic institution and 410 research programme since 2007. In addition to that the Fund continues its support in 15 countries to studies of 38 researchers from 2013 to date. Primarily the Fund gives wide coverage to socio-economic risks and environmental risks in research projects in every year. However there are many subjects such as airworthiness, air pollution, human health, coastal risks, big data management and safety in the new researches. Projects are selected after a hard evaluation periods by a scientific committee. Additionally Axa Award is the newest thing in 2013 as well.


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