19 Temmuz 2024, Cuma

Axa became leader in premium generation in 2013

axaInsurance Association of Turkey announced the results for Premium generation in 2013. According to the results, Axa Sigorta became the leading company within the industry to realize the highest premium generation with 3.168 billion lira.

According to the results, 20.834 billion lira worth non-life premium was generated within the whole industry in 2013. Axa realized a premium generation of 3.168 billion lira in non-life branches and growth of 32.8 percent. The number of policies excessed 6.4 million while its market reached 15.2 percent.

Analyzed on the basis of branches, traffic branch where Axa made its largest generation with 1.519 billion lira, became the branch where Axa’s market share reached 30.6 percent. In automobile insurance branch, Axa acquired market share of 15.9 percent market share on 797 million lira premium generation with a year on year growth of 14.5 percent while the company grew its premium generation by 25.8 percent to reach 401 million lira in fire branch.


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