26 Mayıs 2024, Pazar

Asya Emeklilik promotes its customers with its new campaign BEStival

asyaThe first and the only interest free pension company Asya Emeklilik continues its customers for their prudential savings. The customers who benefit from the private pension system of Asya Emeklilik get the chance to gain more 250 TL ‘Asya Puan’ as well as the state contribution of 25 percent. The customers also don’t pay any account maintenance fee. Asya Emeklilik has reached over 100 thousand participants Asya Emeklilik has reached over 1 million participants in a short time of 1 year. General Manager of Asya Emeklilik, Türker Gürsoy, said, “As Asya Emeklilik, 100 thousand participants is not a surprise for us. We recognize there is much progress to be made. This is only the beginning for our targets.”


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