25 Mayıs 2024, Cumartesi

Analyze deeply your insuree, double your profit and policy

deloitteIt is only possible to survive in rivalry by analyzing well the needs of the consumers and widen your product range. The insurance companies have the chance to increase their profit and market share through Deloitte’s ‘Insurance Growth Engine’ as knowing their customers well and determining their marketing strategies. The Insurance Growth Engine of Deloitte, as combining the analytical thinking and marketing capability, allows the insurance companies to make new strategies in the direction of the needs of their customers.

It is important to foresee the needs of the customers

Eureko Project Team Leader, Mark de Koo, as stating that it is necessary for the insurance companies to diversify their distribution channels to decrease their costs, said, “Insurance Growth Engine is predicated on a customer-based perception. In that case, knowing your customer in every respect is the key point. In other words, the insurance companies develop the right marketing strategy by guessing their customers’ profiles, behaviors and potentials. It is considered that the data retrospective of the customers are important. But, it is just the opposite. It is important to guess the real value of the customers and achieve to segment them. Because, you, as an insurance company, have to develop a strategy considering these predictions.” Alp SÜER / SİGORTALI


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