17 Haziran 2024, Pazartesi

Allianz hit the button for digital transition

IMG_0745 Allianz Turkey opens the door of digital transition slightly which will help to respond changing customer needs and providing solutions. Allianz which will celebrate its 125th Anniversary in 2015, founded it’s future strategy on ‘digitization’. In this way Allianz aims to presents the most efficient and fastest answer to their customer’s demands and needs. Solmaz Altın saying that they hit the button of digital transformation, he stated this transition is not only an application but also a cultural transformation. Allianz Turkey’s 2013 performance and future vision has announced in a press conference by participation of CEO of Allianz Turkey Solmaz Altın; Deputy Finance Manager of Allianz Turkey Aylin Somersan-Coqui and Marketing Assistant Manager of Allianz Turkey.

Allianz Mobile App. will remind medication hours
In the conference Allianz Turkey has presents their Digital Transformation Project as well. Moreover Buket Derelioğlu and Özgür Ozan’s spectacle run was a surprise at the conference. So that presenting solutions are explained with Allianz Mobile App with spectacle. Furthermore those are stated that every need is met from ambulance service to reminding medical hours with the mobile app.


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