19 Temmuz 2024, Cuma

$ 70 billion premium product from Zurich Sigorta

profitZurich Insurance Group has announced that they acquired $ 70 billion premium product and $ 4.7 billion business profit in 2013 fiscal year. 

CEO of Zurich Group Martin Senn in his explanation said “ We have had successful results with over $ 70 billion premium product in life and non-life insurance branches in 2013. By comparison of previous year increasing business profit 15 percent we have reached $ 4.7 billion. Furthermore under favor of our policy production discipline our damage rate has improved in 2013.” Pointing that they have lead to success their plans in 2013 Senn said “ We will continue to our success with presenting non-life and life insurance product together to our customers. We are considering to use our commercial capacity which we gained in North America that provide quality service to our worldwide mid-sized customers.”


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